Warmachine - Mercenaries - Steelhead Arcanist Solo Blister - PIP 41152 (Pre-Order March 22nd, 2019)

by Privateer Press
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Models are supplied unpainted and unassembled and may require trimming and cleaning before assembly and painting.

While the Steelhead Mercenary Company isn’t known for occultists, its commanders and captains know the value of battlefield magic and are willing to offer a premium wage to recruit seasoned arcanists. These individuals enjoy privileged positions in Steelhead companies and the most competent quickly earn officer commissions, receiving even greater pay. A number of Steelhead arcanists formerly served in Ord’s navy, earning combat experience and knowledge of weather magic and lethal barrage spells.

TRADE POINTS: Bringing magical weapons to the Steelheads opens up many options to the armies that include the Steelhead Arcanist. A powerful inclusion with all sorts of Mercenary options, this model will bring needed utility to many different army compositions. The Arcanist works exceptionally well with Steelhead Riflemen as well as the many artillery crews available to the Mercenaries.

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