2018 Cryptozoic Outlander Season 3 Hobby Box (Pre-Order November 15th)

by Cryptozoic
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5 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

In the third season of Starz's popular time-travel drama, Claire and Jamie deal with the aftermath of her return to the twentieth century, as they spend years apart in different time periods and continents while holding onto the hope that they can one day be reunited.

Outlander Trading Cards Season 3 feature a 72-card Base Set, three Chase Sets, and randomly inserted Autograph Cards and Wardrobe Cards, which contain pieces of fabric used to make the costumes in the show.

Hobby Box Contents Summary

• 72-card Base Set features episodic images from Season 3

• 3 Chase Sets • Inserts:

   o Autograph Cards from main cast and guest stars (1:24 packs)

   o Authentic Wardrobe Cards (1:24 packs)

   o Printing Plates

Only 12 left in stock.

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