Ascension Deck-Building Game - Year One Collector's Edition

by Stoneblade Entertainment

- 346 Premium Foil Cards
- 70 Premium Honor Tokens
- Honor Token Bag
- Premium Game Board
- Portable Storage Box
- Full-Color Rulebook

- Includes Ascension: Deckbuilding Game, Ascension: Return of the Fallen, Rat King Theme Pack, Rat Queen Theme Pack, Leprechaun Theme Pack, Samael Claus Theme Pack & the entire first year of promo cards!
- Premium foil cards featuring new art and card frames
- Playable as a stand-alone 1-6 player game, and completely compatible with other Ascension expansions

This product contains the entire first year of Ascension box products, Chronicle of the Godslayer and Return of the Fallen, as well as the Rat King and Leprechaun Theme Packs, and all of the promo cards from the first year. All cards feature brand new frames and updated art, and every card has been printed as a premium foil card! Also included are a 5" Cultist Bobble Head figure, premium tin, and Gold and Silver Honor tokens. This product is sure to be a hit with all Ascension fans.


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