Axis & Allies - Air Force - Angels 20 Booster Pack

by Avalon Hill
Give ‘em the whole nine yards.

Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures are here! Dogfight your opponent in this all new air combat game. The Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures Base Set will contain 30 authentically detailed aircraft miniatures that war gamers and WWII enthusiasts can use to recreate the great air battles of WWII.

Pre-painted and assembled, these 1:100 scale aircraft are made of durable plastic and can also be used in the Axis & Allies Army Miniatures game. 

  • NEW GAME: All new WWII air combat game that can be used in conjunction with the Axis & Allies Army Miniatures game system.
  • GREAT DETAIL: Highly detailed models in 1:100 scale are pre-painted in historically accurate paint schemes.
  • ICONIC AIRCRAFT: Set contains legendary aircraft like the P-51B, Hurricane Mk. I, and the FW 190A. 

Only 4 left in stock.

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