Axis & Allies - Early War 1939-1941 Booster Pack

by Avalon Hill

Get ready for the new Axis & Allies Miniatures Early War 1939-1941 expansion. This set contains 50 pre-painted soldiers and vehicles that fought in the opening battles of WWII from 1939 to 1941.  Early War 1939-1941 will feature units from 13 different nations, the most ever in an A&A Miniatures release!  Belgian, Slovakian, and South African units make their debut.  Poland, Finland, and France will receive important units to add to their existing forces.       

 The Early War 1939-1941 expansion will include: 

·                   7TP tank                                               Poland
·                    FCM 36 tank                                          France
·                    13B3 tank destroyer                               Belgium
·                     Ski Trooper                                            Finland 

Axis & Allies Miniatures is a pre-painted World War II miniatures game system.  Models are produced in 15mm scale and include infantry, artillery, transport and armored fighting vehicles.  Booster packs contain 5 models and stat cards which provide game statistics and combat abilities.  Axis & Allies Miniatures allows players to assemble platoons to battle with in historical scenarios, or pre-selected skirmishes using large 20”x 30” battle maps.   

  • Four new aircraft units featured - one each for France, Japan, Germany, and USSR.   
  • Models produced in pre-painted, durable plastic - fully assembled and ready to play.
  • Fast-paced, tactical play appeals to competitive war gamers & WWII enthusiasts.
  • Debut units for South Africa, Slovakia & Belgium.  Units from 13 nations present in set.

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