Battlelore - Creatures Expansion

by Fantasy Flight Games

The long-awaited creature expansion was made available at the end of 2009. This expansion includes sculpts of the previously limited Earth Elemental (now billed as a Rock Elemental with new rules) and the Hill Giant (now a Wood Giant). Players can use the new rules for these creatures or use the old rules and complete their collection.

In addition, BattleLore: Creatures comes with a brand new sculpt: The Hydra!


  • 8-page rules booklet, including 5 new adventures
  • 3 Creature figures:
    • Wood Giant
    • Rock Elemental
    • Hydra, with six interchangeable head/neck pieces
  • 3 banners
  • 2 Landmark hexes
  • 7 Web tokens
  • 7 Poison tokens
  • 1 Conjure token
  • 1 Medieval Tactics card (Battle-Savvy troops)
  • 4 Creature Summary cards (including a Blue Widow Giant Spider card)
  • 2 Landmark summary cards

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