Beckett Monthly Price Guide - Sports Card

by Beckett
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• CURRENT CARD PRICES for all sports card sets in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, racing and racing die-cast.
• SPECIAL PRICE GUIDE SECTIONS for golf, tennis and pro wrestling cards
• EXPANDED, PICTORIAL PRICING trends for all sports gives Beckett Sports Card Collector an inviting and analytical feel.
• NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN PRINT from BECKETT: Sports Card investment advice. When to buy, when to sell, when to hold, when to trade.
• BECKETT HOT LISTS – a mainstay of Beckett Media for two decades – for ALL sports.
• ENHANCED GRAPHICS add life and depth to player price listings.
• Superstar PLAYER PRICE GUIDES. Readers have asked for it. Now they’ve got it. A Beckett first, and different every issue.

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