Big Bang Theory Party Game

by Cryptozoic
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Contents Summary:
325 Game Cards
• 60 Scoring Tokens
• 6 Experimental Formula Card Sleeves
• Rulebook

Key Selling Points
The Big Bang Theory is the top rated comedy on CBS.
• The show is extremely popular among hobby game consumers.
• The game provides hours of
The Big Bang Theory fun for 3–7 players.
• The cards capture the pop-culture references and humorous social situations portrayed in the show in a way that is fun and engaging.
• Central gameplay has players matching different cards together into humorous combinations, creating funny hypothetical situations.
• Each turn, one player gets to be the Judge and rank the card combinations for that turn. The Judge awards points to the other players based on how they ranked.
• Special Bazinga! Cards add a little chaos and surprise to the gameplay.

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