Buddyfight X - Decimating Black Dragon Trial Deck

by Bushiroad

52 cards, life counter, rulesheet, playmat included.

14 new types+ 2 reissues+1 flag card-3 foil cards inside! 
Life counter, rule sheet, and playmat included.

A <Darkness Dragon World> deck used by Gaito Kurouzu,
one of the main characters in the animation series!

Unlike the Start Decks that are made for new players, Trial decks are pre-constructed decks tailored for Buddyfighters who wish to learn more about thegame, and thus contain cards that offer more complex gameplay and strategies.

The X Booster Pack Vol. 2 "Chaos Control Crisis" booster that launches on the same day as the Trial Decks, offers many cards that have high synergy with Darkness Dragon World cards in this deck.

Decimating Black Dragon contains many vital spell cards that will unleash carnage on the opponent's field! There is no better way to start forming a Darkness Dragon World deck than with this Trial Deck!

Only 2 left in stock.

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