Buddyfight X - Rainbow Striker Booster Box

by Bushiroad
5 cards per pack, 30 packs per box

Every pack definitely has one R or above rarity card!
Guaranteed one SECRET pack sealed in every display!
Parallel foil versions of commons, uncommons, and rares are randomly inserted.

Kanata's buddy, Athora finally awakens to the power of Overturn!

Star Dragon World is going to be greatly enhanced in this booster!

Restrict your opponent's options with Athora's new Overturn ability and Impact!

The battle between Thunder Empire and Chaos intensifies!
Includes numerous 《Thunder Empire》 and 《Chaos》 cards!
Besides a stronger Batzz, popular monsters like Miserea and El Quixote join Thunder Empire!
But... a new and improved Geargod joins the side of the Chaos!?!

You can form the latest Keisetsu's deck!
Cards used by the mysterious enemy officer, the last of the Chaos Three, arrives in this booster!

You can complete this new type of deck with cards from this booster alone!

Only 1 left in stock.

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