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Playroom Entertainment - Get Lucky - The Kill Doctor Lucky - Card Game

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Includes the original 205 Geek Out cards and a bonus Tabletop limited edition mini deck with new cards and new lists!

The "Out-Geek" your friends party game!

Geeks love trivia. It's the stuff that our dreams are made on. Not only do we revel in collecting trivia from our favorite subjects (sci-fi, comics, fantasy, etc.), but we enjoy proving that knowledge to other people (and sometimes even correcting the knowledge of the lesser humans). Well, a game exists specifically to test our brains in just those areas we love so bad.

You may have heard of Geek Out!, a game that challenges you to list more qualifying objects belonging to a specified category than your opponent. For instance, name 6 characters from the Mario Bros. game franchise. Think you can name more than 6? Put your bid in, but beware - if you can't pull it off, you lose 2 points. First player to 5 wins. The original Geek Out! categories:

  • Red: Games
  • Blue: Comics
  • Yellow: Sci-Fi
  • Green: Fantasy
  • Black: Miscellaneous

But this is the TableTop edition of the game, with extra bits of awesome based on Wil Wheaton's TableTop podcast. This special version comes with a bonus TableTop mini deck that has 35 new list cards! Huzzah!


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