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by DC Comics

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Pandora has finally realized what the true nature of the box is - a portal between worlds. And only she could repair its shattered fragments. After five years, she is finally able to do so, and once done, she asks the box to open for her.

From within the box emerge what Pandora had known as the Seven Deadly Sins - but she now knows better. She urges them to reveal their true selves, and sees that each of the seven sins is truly a version of herself from another dimension. They had not known what they were until this point - and neither had Pandora until recently. They are all programmed to forget it. Over and over, they do battle, one of them claims victory, and then the last of them guides the universe to its close. Upon its rebirth, the cycle resumes. Every time, they learn the truth, and choose the ending of all things.

Each of them has done so, at one time or another - except her.

Hearing this, the others attack her all at once, thinking this is the time for their battle. Angrily, she contains them within a magic field and shouts that she has already faced them all. She has already defeated every one of them five years ago. It falls to her to choose the means of ending the universe. She has discovered, this time, though, that they are all just disparate parts of her, and she cannot break the cycle unless she is whole. A Multiverse  ruled by avarice, pride, or lust alone must collapse. For the first time ever, hope is the victor, and if she calls the others back to her, she can ensure that this Multiverse can live - even if it is no more perfect than the previous.

Pandora takes the other parts of her into herself, and explodes in a shimmering light. With that, Pandora's Box disappears.

With her end is the beginning of a new day dawning for the Multiverse

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