Skyler Reis 

A local game & hobby shop that has existed as long as I can recall. My childhood growing up in the neighborhood of Heart Lake was always full of wonder and pride at the things you could find here. The owner was always friendly and reasonable. I was really shocked to find the store moved into the section of the strip mall that was once a TD Bank before it was held up and closed. I am extremely full of joy that this business continues to flourish and expand! Hope it will remain for the future generations of Heart Lakes community.


Mike Floren 

I purchased a hard to find boardgame through their online store which was much more fairly priced than I could find elsewhere. Delivery was quick but when it arrived I realized it had been damaged during shipping. I sent an email explaining the situation and received a reply from David within an hour.

That very night he met me in Hamilton which is over an hour away from his store to give me a new copy. Amazing customer service that very few other stores provide. Although I don't live in the area I would not hesitate to purchase online again.


Scott Kennedy 

Great local hobby shop. Tons of collectible trading cards, comic, and games packed into a modest space. With all the giant online stores it's tough being a local hobbies shop, stop by and support them. They have a ton of stuff and it can be hard to find things. So don't be shy, just ask, they seem to know where everything is.


Mark C

For anyone looking for a LGS to hangout at and buy cards at an affordable price, this is a must visit place for you.

The community at Cardboard Memories is great, filled with positive and welcoming faces and loads of events going on daily.

The space at Cardboard Mems is quite cozy, and they've got interesting tables to play at; retro local diner-esque kind of seating with comfy back rests.

Now, the team. The team is filled with friendly people who are fun and great to chat with. They're always greeting every customer that walks in, they're accommodating, and helpful with your needs.

All together, Cardboard Memories is one of my favourite spots to go to with my buddies all thanks to Dave and his team.


Vanessa C

Probably one of the better comic book store locations in Brampton. The owner is very knowledgeable and friendly. They have a good variety of comics, board games, cards, and accessories (comic bags, boards, card holders, etc). They also run card tournaments which is really nice to see since there aren't many places that have things like that available. Prices are very reasonable as well


Mike T

Great place very helpful and kind workers always helping