Battlelore - Bearded Brave Expansion

by Fantasy Flight Games

Bearded Brave comes with six different types of Iron Dwarf units, each with their own miniatures and reference cards to be used when fielding them in battle. From Bear Riders to Mighty Bolt Throwers, these Dwarves can either bolster your forces in pre-made adventures or can be recruited into your custom armies using the BattleLore: Call to Arms expansion.

With 40 new figures, 27 cards, and a rule book featuring 4 new adventures, the Bearded Brave has no shortage of new materials for your BattleLore games! Keep an eye on the horizon and watch for your short-yet-stalwart allies: the Iron Dwarves!


  • 8-page rule booklet, including 4 new adventures
  • 40 figures:
    • 4 Iron Dwarf Bear Riders
    • 4 Mighty Bolt Throwers and 4 Arbalestiers crew
    • 4 Iron Dwarf Spotters
    • 8 Iron Dwarf Arbalestiers
    • 8 Iron Dwarf Axe Swingers (first appeared in BattleLore: Dwarven Battalion Specialist Pack)
    • 8 Iron Dwarf Swordsmen (base unit)
  • 10 banners, all of the fleur-de-lys type:
    • 1 Iron Dwarf Bear Riders
    • 2 Mighty Bolt Throwers
    • 3 Iron Dwarf Arbalestiers (third one is a spare)
    • 2 Iron Dwarf Axe Swingers
    • 2 Iron Dwarf Swordsmen
  • 27 cards:
    • 15 Dwarf Deployment cards for BattleLore: Call to Arms
    • 1 Medieval Tactics card (Battle-Savvy troops)
    • 5 Specialist cards (Axe Swingers, Arbalestiers, Bear Riders, Mighty Bolt Throwers, Spotters)
    • 3 Unit Summary cards (Mighty Bolt Throwers, Bear Riders, Cattle Riders)
    • 3 Weapon Summary cards (Spy Glass, Battle Axe, Arbalest)

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