Battlelore - Dragons Expansion

by Fantasy Flight Games

An expectant hush falls across the battlefield as the enormous, ancient serpent swoops out of the clouds. With a single breath, the dragon devastates its enemies and strikes terror into the hearts of all who behold it.

In the BattleLore: Dragons expansion for the BattleLore fantasy battles board game, the epic battle continues with completely new and terrifying combatants: Dragons.

BattleLore: Dragons features three new creature plastic miniatures: the Ice Drake, the Fire Dragon, and the Wood Wyvern, each with accompanying summary cards, and tokens. BattleLore: Dragons also includes a rulebook with four new adventures featuring the Dragons. Also included in this expansion are a card for the Troll figure (from the BattleLore: For Troll and Country expansion) as well as a Troll Bridge token.


  • 8-page rules booklet with 4 new adventures
  • 3 new creature figures:
    • Ice Drake
    • Fire Dragon
    • Wood Wyvern
  • 3 banners
  • 4 Creature (Dragons and Troll) Summary cards
  • 3 Weapon (Dragon Breath) Summary cards
  • 1 Obstacle (Troll Bridge) marker
  • 9 Poison Breath tokens
  • 9 Ice Breath tokens
  • 9 Fire Breath tokens

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