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In store we have a varying levels of availability. To avoid disappointment It is recommended that you order online with the local pickup option.

Cryptozoic - Bravest Warriors - Co-Operative Dice Game

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Contents Summary:

12 Custom Dice

• 6 Oversized Character Cards

• 30 Encounter Cards

• 22 Event Cards

• 54 Portal Cards

• Scored, Failed, and Initiative tokens

• Plus a bunch of Hit Point tokens

Game Summary

1-6 Players

Ages: 15 and up

Playing Time: 20 – 30 Minutes

In the year 3085 four teenage heroes-for-hire and their pals warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds. When evil gets all fancy, they break that biz down… for hope!

In the Bravest Warriors Co-operative Dice Game, you take on the role of one of the Bravest Warriors or one of their bestest pals. Working together, you will overcome Events and Encounters using your Portals and Special Abilities. Can you earn enough Victory Points in time? With Portal cards, Special Abilities, and a bit of luck your team can overcome all sorts of different challenges on your way to victory!

Score Victory Points by overcoming Encounters that you’ve seen in the Bravest Warriors episodes. The actual number of Victory Points needed win depends on if you are playing Easy Mode (great for younger or new players) or Standard Mode. Set the difficulty to your level of skill!

Encounters require various symbols to beat. Those symbols are found on each of the custom dice. The 12 custom dice are divided up between the players as evenly as possible and each player rolls their own dice. However, once rolled the dice are pooled together to use as best you can as a team.

The easiest way to generate the symbols you need is to roll them! But if you don’t roll just what you need, you can play Portal cards (as seen in the Sugarbellies episode of the show) or by using your character’s Special Abilities. Conversion Portals, Re-Roll Portals, Gift Portals and more can make the difference between success and failure.

When you fail a challenge, the team will suffer a calamity and the Encounter is placed into the Failed! pile. If you fail five Encounters, you lose the game! If you run out of Portal cards, you lose the game! If too many Bravest Warriors get K.O.’d, you lose the game! But if you score enough Victory Points or use up all of the Event cards, your team wins the game!

Every game will provide oodles of tense moments, incredible comebacks, resource management, and lots of teamwork.

Key Selling Points

Based on the animated series created by Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time)

• Co-operative gameplay

• Play as Beth, Catbug, Chris, Danny, Impossibear, or Wallow

• Modifying Encounters with game-changing Events makes for thousands of combinations, keeping every game fresh and new

• Custom art and dice

• 1-6 Players

• Easy to learn rules

• Fast gameplay

Marketing Support

Online media advertising on consumer and retail trade sites including and

• Game reviews and press coverage across major hobby, comic and gaming media outlets to support game launch.

Heavily promoted at major gaming and hobby events throughout the year including GenCon and PAX Prime, Comic Con and Board Game Geek.Con via live play demos.

Review copies sent to online media ranging from enthusiast outlets (hobby gaming, comic and general pop culture) and to video game outlets (GameSpot, IGN, Kotaku) for expanded consumer exposure.

Launch expanded product page and constant online media presence on the Cryptozoic Entertainment Facebook page to announce game, run special promotions and introduce components and game play on a continued basis up until launch

Participate in Frederator/Cartoon Hangover Thanksgiving and Black Friday promotion.

• Early access images and information to be provided to 25K and growing Bravest Warriors email list.

At a Glance

Number of Players: 1-6 Players

• For Ages: 15 and up

• Playing Time: 20-30 Minutes


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