Buddyfight X - Overturn! Thunder Empire!! Booster Box

by Bushiroad
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5 cards per pack, 30 packs per box

New ability: "Overturn "arrives!

This booster contains exciting new cards appearing in the animation series from October onwards!


Popular monsters from various worlds in this booster hold a powerful new ability appearing in the animation!

The leader of 《Thunder Empire》 monsters, Batzz, and other monsters gain Overturn ― an ability so strong that they can turn the tides of battles in the blink of an eye! Unleash the full potential of Thunder Empire with Overturn!


HOWEVER! They're not the only one possessing a formidable new ability. The opposing forces got hold of an equally strong new ability too! What happens when two powerful abilities clash in an epic Buddyfight!?

This booster also contains 《Chaos》 cards useable by "the Chaos" flag from X-BT02!

《Oni Assassin》 from Katana World gets upgraded, and a brand new Danger World deck can be formed from this booster pack!

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