Bushiroad - Buddyfight Ace - Special Series - V3 The End Zero - Trial Deck

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by Bushiroad

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55 cards per deck
6 decks per display

Kei Jinguji
President of the World Buddy Academy. As a senior of Yuga, his overflowing charisma
granted him the name "Ace of Perfection"!
Kei's story will be released on the official website in late Nov!

"The End Zero" used by "Ace of Perfection"
This deck used by Kei Jinguji contains UNPRECEDENTED ABILITY & MECHANIC that matches the name of "Ace of Perfection"!!
New flag and attribute will be featured!
Multiple dual world cards included, though serving the new flag, grant abilities that also greatly empower their original worlds!!

Synergizes perfectly with cards from SBFEBT07 (same release date)!

Sneak Peek of SS03 card images in the order sheet!
Time General, Tubocas
A versatile card that grants both life gain and card destruction!

Time Soldier, Spiga
Finally, Hero World is getting the widely-used deck filtering ability!

Time Observer, Octo
Counter and nullify your opponent's monsters! Hit your opponent by surprise!

More secrets remain veiled... For the FLAG and BUDDY MONSTER!!

Stay tuned to the official Buddyfight website!
Details will be revealed in the October issue of Buddyfight News!

Product Specifications
Included in this set are: 55 cards, Shiny Cards & 1 BR Card
Life counter, deck analysis, paper playmat
A Premium PR Pack will come with each deck!
Power up your decks with the cards included!


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