Clue - Doctor Who

by Usaopoly
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CLUE®: Doctor Who puts your crime solving skills to the test as you discover WHO the Daleks mind-controlled to kidnap the Doctor, WHAT weapon was used in the kidnapping, and WHERE the Doctor was kidnapped. Featuring custom game design and packaging, CLUE®: Doctor Who is a perfect gift and a classic collectible for Whovian fans.

Includes: 6 Suspect Movers & Personality Cards: Amy & Rory Pond, Commander Strax, Madame Vastra, Clara Oswald, Jenny, River Song, 6 Custom Weapons: Hallucinogenic Lipstick, Clara Cyberman Gun, Vortex Manipulator, Strax Gun, Sonic Screwdriver, and The Moment, Custom Game Board features famous planets visited by The Doctor, 21 Intrigue Cards: 13 grant player abilities and 8 Pocket Watch Clocks Instructions

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