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Cryptozoic - DC Comics Deckbuilding Game - Game Arrow Crossover Pack 2

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Add the Arrow Crossover Pack to any DC Comics Deck-Building Game to play as characters from the hit DC Comics Television Series Arrow!

Five all-new playable Super Heroes!

Five all-new playable Super Heroes:
Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, and Sara Lance!

All-new Super-Villain, Equipment, Hero, Villain, Location, and Super Power Cards!

5 Oversized Super Hero Cards, 22 Game Cards, Rules

A copy of any DC Comics Deck-building Game is required to play.

Contents Summary: 
22 Game Cards
• 5 Oversized Super Hero Cards
• Rules 

Game Summary  

The DC Comics Deck-building Game Crossover series truly "crosses over" with the first ever appearance of characters from the hit DC Comics/CW Television Series ARROW! This pack has reached a new dimension, as four-color art gives way to images straight from the TV series. This pack features all of the favorite characters from the show, including Arrow, Diggle, Felicity and many more.

Crossover Packs are the perfect way for players to customize their DC Comics experience to suit their own tastes and to play with their favorite characters! Grab your favorite DC set and instead of using the Super Heroes and Super-Villains from that set, use the ones from this pack instead! To further immerse you in the world of ARROW, you will find plenty of Equipment, Super Power, Hero, Villain, and Location cards from the show in the main deck.

Whether you’re a fan of the show or a fan of the Cerberus line of games, this Crossover Pack is a must have!  


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