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In store we have a varying levels of availability. To avoid disappointment It is recommended that you order online with the local pickup option.

Cryptozoic - DC Legendary Deckbuilding Game - Forever Evil

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Play as some of the most infamous super-villains in the DC Universe, such as Lex Luthor, Black Manta, and Sinestro! Card destruction is rampant in the set!

Contents Summary:
206 Game Cards
• 36 Punch Cards
• 16 Vulnerability Cards
• 106 Main Deck Cards
• 16 Kick Cards
• 12 Nemesis Cards
• 20 Weakness Cards
• 7 Oversized Super-Villain Cards
• 1 Token Sheet
• 1 Rulebook

Game Summary
It’s fun to be bad!
In the DC Comics Deck-building Game: Forever Evil, players finally get to play the game as some of the most infamous Super-Villains in the DC Universe. With a name like Forever Evil, you can expect to find new and more dangerous Attacks, rugged Defenses, and a number of nefarious ways to mess with your opponents. Literally dozens of new ways for you look at your friend and say, "Sorry, buddy."

Card destruction is rampant in the set! Like every good Villain knows, henchmen you leave behind don’t count toward the bottom line. If you’re tired of ending the game with Starter cards still in your deck, then this is the set for you! Whittle your deck down to just the essential cards and your victory is assured.

Forever Evil introduces Victory Point tokens to DC Deck-building Game! Now you can earn VPs throughout the game. Taunt rivals with your riches while the other players can only guess at how well they are doing. Just be on the lookout for lowly thieves who would steal away your hard-earned loot.

While this game is a full-fledged standalone game, it can also be mixed with all previous releases in the line.

Key Selling Points
• Play as a Villain!
• Fight against the Justice League of America and others.
• Villainous-themed set. Take your treachery to all-new heights!
• Introduces Victory Point tokens!
• Fully compatible with all previous releases in the line!

Marketing Support

  • Online and print media advertising on consumer and retail trade sites including and
    • Game reviews and press coverage across major hobby, comic, and gaming media outlets to support game launch.
    • Heavily promoted at consumer event shows throughout the year, including Gen Con and PAX Prime.
    • Review copies sent to online media ranging from enthusiast outlets (hobby gaming, comic and general pop culture) to mainstream outlets (USA Today, Wired) for expanded consumer exposure and to generate buzz.
    • Launch expanded product page and skin site on Online media presence on the Cryptozoic Entertainment Facebook page to announce game, run special promotions, and introduce new cards and artwork on a continued basis up until launch.
    • Cross-promotions with DC Comics via giveaways, contents, and announcements on the DC Comics website and Facebook page and at conventions/special events.
    • Exclusive gameplay promo cards that will be distributed via events and special consumer and retail promotions.
    • Special Hobby store promotional programs, game demonstrations and tournament kits distributed for acquisition of new players and retention of DC Comics Deck-Building Game existing players.


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