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In store we have a varying levels of availability. To avoid disappointment It is recommended that you order online with the local pickup option.

Iello Games - Dragon Rage

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A game of mythical creatures versus walled cities.

Dragons, Orcs & other magical creatures relentlessly attack the walled city of Esirien. 1 player defends the city while the other attempts to destroy it.

Dragon Rage is an introductory wargame set in a fantasy world.

Dragons and other monsters attack walled cities, trying to destroy as much of the city building as they can while the city garrison fights back. Controls the invading monsters or the city forces in a mercyless struggle!

The basic game scenario has two Dragons attacking the seaside city of Esirien. The defender controls a small militia that defends the city. All troops are represented by counters on the game board's hex grid. During each game turn, each player may move some or all all his units and then fight the enemies within attack range. The humans have a local hero which has special powers, as well as a wizard that can cast spells. The dragons are very resilient and can breathe fire, destructing men and buildings in a blazing roar.

Combat is resolved trough a dice roll on a combat resolution table, cross-referencing the attacking and defending unit's strength.

Dragon Rage is a good introduction to the world of wargames : There are few units on both sides, making the game simple to learn and fast-paced. It will introduce you to key wargaming concepts such as tactical movement on an hexagon grid, units statistics printed on the counters, use of a combat resolution table, attack-to-defense ratios, terrain modifiers, reinforcements, and special abilities.

The 16 pages Game Manual has been written specifically to introduce you to the game. Its structure follows the game turn sequence so it can be used as you discover the game, playing each game phase as you read trough the manual.

Once you have mastered the game key concepts and basic scenario, you'll want to proceed to the advanced game.
The 32 pages Rules Reference manual contains all rules from the Game Manual, plus all optional and extended rules. It is organized by themes, allowing for fast reference during gameplay. Game rules are available in English, French, German or Spanish.

The extended rules introduce several scenarios for Esirien, replacing the attacking Dragons by Roc birds, Giants, Orcs and Goblins, Land Wurms, Dinosaurus, and other creatures.
They also introduce Nurkott, an Orc oppidum on the other side of the game board. In Nurkott, orcs defend their settlement against all kinds of monsters and human assaults.

The optional rules introduce new units such as human catapults and ballistas or the princess Elowyn, new spells for Elementals, rules for creating point-based scenarios, tournament rules, and campaign rules allowing to link several scenarios over time. They make Dragon Rage a complete gaming system that will provide you with hours of tactical pleasure as you explore the many options the game has to offer.


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