Firefly The Game - Card Pack

by Gale Force Nine
  • The seven promo cards pack will include the original five cards from the Big Damn Heroes pack, plus the "Mal’s Pretty Floral Bonnet" promo card from Thinkgeek, and the "Wash’s Lucky Dinosaur" card given away on the GF9 website.

    Big Damn Heroes consists of five cards that feature some of the main characters of the Firefly television series created by Joss Whedon. The promo includes:

  • Malcom - a You Can't Take the Sky from Me card
  • Zoe - Silverhold Munitions card
  • Wash - Space Bazaar card
  • Kaylee - Regina card
  • Jayne - Silverhold Munitions card
  • Contains 7 new cards
  • Only 1 left in stock.

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