Force of Will - The Millennia of Ages Booster Box

by Force of Will
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10 cards per pack, 36 packs per box

The “Grimm Cluster Spin-off” for Force of Will has finally arrived in the world!  It creates a story of the past and future of The Moon Priestess Returns.

Princess Kaguya had broken free of the thousand year ancient arts and was able to remove the Potion of Immortality that she had drunk. By doing so, she sealed the immortal Great Old Ones as animate beings. Kaguya was free from the ancient arts of which only an immortal could have controlled and was able to live again as a human. Grimm and Lumia had themselves sealed within fairy tales, but through this battle, they came to life again by releasing Sheherazade and the world had peace restored. Furthermore, Akashic Records which had drawn out the past were revealed by the Magic Stone. Then the history of these one thousand years and the coming future had come to light.

Through the Epilogue Set, you can glimpse into the past and future.

This set consists of 25 kinds of future cards and 25 kinds of past magic stone battle cards.

In the past cards, before becoming the Immortal Princess, Princess Kaguya and the Six Sages get together. In the future cards, you may see a bit ahead of the peaceful future and the foreshadowing to the next Cluster…

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