TOMY - Lightseekers Kindred - Booster Box

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12 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

Introducing Lightseekers: Kindred!

The first big change with Lightseekers: Kindred boosters is that we are moving to 12 cards per booster for the same price!. From Awakening to Mythical we went from 9 to 10 by adding in a guaranteed foil slot in addition to the regular contents of the pack; in Kindred we’ve kept the guaranteed foil and also added in an additional Common and Uncommon slot to the pack. So now the boosters look like:

6x Commons
3x Uncommons
1x Rare
1x Hero or Combo (of any rarity)
1x Foil Card (of any rarity)

The second big change that we’ve made is in the way that we structure the rarities within a set. Previously we had equal numbers of Commons, Uncommons & Rares in a set, so that when you were done collecting all the Rares you had an excessive number of Commons. Going forward with Kindred the sets now look like:

Kindred Rarity Breakdown:
Common: 106
Uncommon: 88
Rare: 88
Mythic: 9
Total: 291 New Cards

- 291 Card Set (106 Commons, 88 Uncommons, 88 Rares & 9 Mythics)
- 12 Card Boosters (Extra Common & Uncommon over Mythical)
- Introduces the new ‘Family’ mechanic & includes more Buffs, Combos and Heroes to build your collection.

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