Bushiroad - Luck and Logic 01 - Growth and Genesis - Booster Box

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by Bushiroad

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7 cards per pack, 20 packs per box

What is Luck & Logic?

Bushiroad, Bandai Visual, Nitroplus, Lantis, Yuhodo, Doga Kobo. The leaders of media content present you 2016's biggest project. The door to the world of Anime and TCG Trance is now open!

Now broadcasting/streaming in 10 countries, the TV anime “Luck & Logic”, which began broadcast in January 2016 is a Sci-FI “bishojo” battle action anime  with “Trance” as the theme and depicts the world of “Luck & Logic”! (bishojo: Japanese for attractive female characters) The anime can be viewed in the US and Canada through FUNimation.com and is also broadcasting/streaming in South Korea, Taiwan, China, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and French speaking regions (including Quebec)!

  • Features powerful "Chloe" & "Tamaki" cards. Build your deck with brand new illustrations and abilities!
  • BT01 features "Red" and "Blue" cards not found in the Trial Decks. Try out their strategies for a greater experience!
  • Features a card based on the main character's "Forbidden Technique" from the anime!
  • Hot stamp signed cards by the voice actors of the anime are randomly inserted!
  • One out of four PR cards (two of which are special gate cards) is included randomly as a box topper!

 *For those starting out in the game, you must use 10 gate cards in order to play, which are included in the Trial Deck.


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