Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Collectible Card Game - Desolation of Blarg - Booster Box

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by Steve Jackson Games

12 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

*Due to a randomization error in the first printing, most of these boosters contain more (or even many more) rare cards than usual, though the occasional booster will have only common and uncommon cards.*

Designed by Eric M. Lang and Kevin Wilson • Developed by Sam Mitschke, Randy Scheunemann and Devin Lewis • Illustrated by Lar deSouza, Lee Simpson, Edwin Huang, Tom Siddell, Len Peralta, Mike Luckas and Mia Goodwin

12 random cards, including at least one rare card.

Customize your game even further with The Desolation of Blarg, a new assortment of cards that offer new ways to buff up your Hero and demolish your opponent. Each randomized pack contains 12 cards, one of which will be rare or better.

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