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Cryptozoic - Naruto Shippuden Deck-Building Game

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2-5 players
Ages 15+
Playing Time 30-45 Minutes

Contents Summary:
• 200+ Cards
• 7 Oversized Character Cards
• Rulebook

Game Summary
The Naruto Shippuden™ Deck-building Game unleashes fast-paced ninja action! Play as the number one unpredictable ninja, Naruto or one of his Hidden Leaf comrades. Confront S-rank criminals such as Orochimaru and members of the Akatsuki as you explore distant lands to become the greatest ninja ever! While you begin only with basic abilities, you’ll gain
allies, earn equipment, build chakra and master new powerful techniques, with the goal of defeating as many Archenemies as you can. The Naruto Shippuden™ Deck-building Game will put your skills to the test!

This game introduces Chakra, which is a new source of energy for your Character and many of the cards you play. The main resource of the game is still Power, just as with other Cerberus Engine games.

When you play a card from your hand, if your Character has that card type as one of its Chakra Points, you may play that card into that Point! Simply place the card next to that edge of your oversized Character card. The four edges of your Character card have colors (and reminder text) of the various card types. When you play a card into one of your Chakra Points, you generate +1 Chakra for the turn. Since each Character has four Chakra Points, you can generate up to +4 Chakra this way during each of your turns. These cards are discarded as usual at the end of your turn.

For example, if you play an Equipment card into one your Character’s Equipment Chakra Points, you generate +1 Chakra for the turn. You could not play another Equipment into this filled Chakra Point this turn.

Each of the Characters that you may play as has a unique built in Chakra ability. Pay the Chakra cost of that ability and you
get the benefit. Many main deck cards also have Chakra abilities. If you have enough Chakra, paying for multiple Chakra
abilities in a turn will greatly benefit you, but you may use each Chakra ability only once per turn.

There are some cards that also generate Chakra, so you are not limited to just the four that your Character can generate.
One of the best ways to generate Chakra is with Hand Signs. A stack of 12 Hand Sign cards, with a cost of just 1, sit next to
the Kicks. Hand Signs give you +2 Chakra for your turn when played. However, at the end of your turn, Hand Signs that you
play are returned to the stack. Great for a temporary burst of Chakra to increase your Character’s potency!

Will you focus your deck-building on maximizing your Chakra Points? Will you try out new innovations in the game such as
Positive Attacks and cards that give you a bonus as soon as you buy them? Naruto fans will love all of the thematic touches
in the game, while experienced Cerberus Engine players will be excited by all of the new innovations. Put your skills to the