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Number of Players: 2 (full game required for 4)
Playing Time: 45 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 14+
Dimensions: 14.5 x 19.5 x 4.5 cm

Now You’ve Done It… Again.
Smash Up has turned the asylum over to the inmates yet again! After the success of It’s Your Fault, we decided to let the fans choose the factions that would make up the latest set of Smash Up, and they went for some powerful choices! A huge field was whittled down to the top four, and here they are: Cowboys call out opposing minions for shootouts, Samurai face their noble end in battle to bring glory to their player, Ancient Egyptians bury secrets deep in the sands, while the Vikings… well they just take other people’s stuff!

Smash Up: Oops You Did It Again is fully compatible with all other Smash Up products, so get ready for Dinosaur Samurai, Cowboy Sharks, or Viking Kittens!

- Latest Smash Up Expansion!
- Expansion factions chosen by the fans: Cowboys, Ancient Egyptians, Samurai, and Vikings.
- Introduces dueling and burying, two new mechanics that will change your strategies.
- Fully compatible with all other Smash Up products.

- 88 cards
- Rulebook

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