Ninja Divison - Super Dungeon Tactics - Iron Golem Mini-Boss Blister

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by Ninja Divison
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- 1 Iron Golem Assembled Model
- 1 Iron Golem Mini-Boss Card
- 1 Iron Golem Arcade Card
- 1 Iron Golem Treasure Card
- 1 Super Dungeon Tactics Steam Key

Iron Golem is a menacing mini boss for games of Super Dungeon Explore. With powerful attacks and metal-rattling abilities, Iron Golem is a formidable foe who can take damage and dish out pain. This mini boss box also includes cards for Classic and Arcade Modes, a Treasure Card, and a Steam Key to download the much anticipated Super Dungeon Tactics strategy video game, created in partnership with Underbite Games. Super Dungeon introduced the world to the whimsy and charm of chibi-miniature board games inspired by classic video games, and it continues to be the leader in providing a fun and lighthearted family board game experience. Strongly supported with dozens of expansions which provide new Heroes, monsters, dungeon tiles, and gameplay options, Iron Golem is sure to expand games of Super Dungeon for longtime fans and new fans. The strategy video game Super Dungeon Tactics also promises to excite, illustrating the beloved characters and charming world of Super Dungeon for all!


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