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In store we have a varying levels of availability. To avoid disappointment It is recommended that you order online with the local pickup option.

Upper Deck - 2020-21 - Hockey - SP - Blaster Box

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Not a Canadian eh? Sorry as an Upper Deck Authorized Internet Retailer we cannot ship newly released Upper Deck products outside of Canada until a year after the product's release date!


5 Cards per Pack, 8 Packs per Box


All rookie content is based off of players who qualified for rookie card status as of Feb. 12.


    Complete the 140-card Base Set consisting of 100 regular cards and 40 serially-numbered SP Rookie Authentics cards featuring the top 2020-21 rookies!

o    Collect up to 12 SP Rookie Authentics parallels, highlighted by the Signatures, Signatures Gold (#’d to 25), Jersey, Green (#’d to 99) and Black (#’d 1-of-1) parallels.

    Collect serially-numbered Authentic Profiles insert cards featuring some of today’s biggest superstars! Build up to 11 parallel sets as well, including the Signatures, Jersey (featuring game-worn jersey swatches), Purple (#’d to 75), Green (#’d to 25) and Black (#’d 1-of-1) parallels.

    Bolster your autograph collection with super rare SP Authentic Signatures cards!


(on average)


SP Rookie Authentics - Blue Parallel and/or Authentic Profiles - Blue Parallel Cards


SP Base Set - Blue Parallel Cards


Regular, Serially-#’d SP Rookie Authentics or Authentic Profiles Card


Autograph & Memorabilia Cards

Card                                 #’ing/Ratio

SP Rookie Authentics - Signatures Parallel                 1:300

SP Rookie Authentics - Signatures Gold Parallel                 #’d to 25

SP Rookie Authentics - Jersey Parallel                     1:24

Authentic Profiles - Signatures Parallel                     1:1920

Authentic Profiles - Jersey Parallel                     1:720

SP Authentic Signatures                         1:960

Regular Insert Cards (w/ Parallels)

 Card                                  #’ing/Ratio

Authentic Profiles                                                                                                                   #’d to 649

Authentic Profiles - Blue Parallel                                                                                            1:5

Authentic Profiles - Silver Spectrum Parallel                 #’d to 599

Authentic Profiles - Gold Parallel                     #’d to 399

Authentic Profiles - Red Parallel                     #’d to 199

Authentic Profiles - Purple Parallel                     #’d to 75

Authentic Profiles - Green Parallel                     #’d to 25

Authentic Profiles - Black Parallel                     #’d 1-of-1

Authentic Profiles - Patterned Foilboard Parallel                 1:200

Authentic Profiles - Gold Tint Patterned Foilboard Parallel             1:500

Regular Base Set Cards (w/ Parallels)

Card                                 #’ing/Ratio

SP Base Set (1-100)                         N/A

SP Base Set - Blue Parallel                     1:2

SP Rookie Authentics (101-140)                                                   #’d to 1199

SP Rookie Authentics - Blue Parallel                 1:2

SP Rookie Authentics - Silver Spectrum Parallel                #’d to 999

SP Rookie Authentics - Gold Parallel                 #’d to 799

SP Rookie Authentics - Red Parallel                     #’d to 499

SP Rookie Authentics - Purple Parallel                                                                                 #’d to 299

SP Rookie Authentics - Green Parallel                                                                                  #’d to 99

SP Rookie Authentics - Black Parallel                 #’d 1-of-1

SP Rookie Authentics - Patterned Foilboard Parallel             1:50

SP Rookie Authentics - Gold Tint Patterned Foilboard Parallel         1:125

* Content, including the stated numbering and ratios, is subject to change.

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