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In store we have a varying levels of availability. To avoid disappointment It is recommended that you order online with the local pickup option.

Upper Deck - 2022-23 - Hockey - Series 2 - Blaster Pack

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Upper Deck Disclaimer:

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8 Cards per Pack


    Series 2 hosts the next 250 cards of the 2022-23 Upper Deck Base Set - 200 new veterans and 50 new Young Guns®, the most anticipated rookie cards of the year!

o    Rookie Alert! The Young Guns® checklist will include players that debut at the start of the 2022-23 season!

    More Overlay Sets! Series 2 also features the continuation of these insert sets which originated with Series 1. The Series 2 portion of three of these overlay sets feature only rookies! Here is the rundown:

o    Dazzlers: Since its debut in 2020-21, this brightly-colored collection of popped-out, full-bodied players has been a big hit! Collect both the Blue (one per box, on average) and Red (two per box, on average) versions of the next 50 cards of the 2022-23 set, which feature only rookies. The Red versions are exclusive to Gravity Feed packs and Retail boxes! 

o    Honor Roll®: The next 50 cards of this classic insert set feature only rookies!

o    UD Canvas®: Collect 90 new star veterans and 30 new Young Guns®, as well as 15 High Series Retired and 15 High Series Program of Excellence cards.

o    UD Portraits Rookies: Collect the next 40 cards (including 10 SP’s) in this long-running favorite! 

See the “Product Breakdown” for the checklist numbering for these overlay sets.

    New! Series 2 also boasts a handful of intriguing new insert sets, highlighted by the following:

o    Calder Candidates: This brand new set features the available rookies who are widely considered to be 2022-23 Calder Memorial Trophy candidates. Look for rare Gold parallels.

o    Greetings From: Each card in this set highlights the city or state in which each NHL team plays. Collect the regular set and the rare Gold parallel. 

o    Purple Highlighters: Highlighters is a brightly-colored PETG insert featuring players who produced a top 2021-22 season highlight. The purple versions are a Retail-SKU exclusive!

o    Instant Impressions: This is a photo-dominant set designed to resemble an instant photo from the pre-Smartphone days.  

o    Lunch Box Legends: The design of these cards hearkens back to the lunch boxes of the 1970’s - the pinnacle of lunch box popularity. The 30-card set features many of the biggest names in the League today. Keep an eye out for rare Gold parallels.

o    World Juniors Grads: Each card in this set features a player who once played in the World Juniors on the classic 1992-93 Upper Deck World Juniors Grads design! Look for rare Gold parallels.

    Memorabilia! Add some rookie year memorabilia to your collection via the Rookie Materials Retro set. Each card boasts a current star player alongside a player-worn jersey swatch from his rookie campaign. Both are featured on the classic 2005-06 Rookie Materials design. Look for Patch parallels #’d to just 15! Both sets are Retail-SKU exclusive!


Content, including the stated checklist #’ing, card #’ing and ratios, is subject to change without further notice. Additionally, this list may not contain all cards available in the product as there could be unannounced cards.

Young Guns Cards

Card                                     #’ing/Ratio

Young Guns® (451-500)                           1:4

UD Canvas Young Guns (C211 - C240)                         1:48

More Rookie-Specific Cards

Card                                     #’ing/Ratio

Calder Candidates (New!)                         1:37

Calder Candidates - Gold Parallel (New!)                                                                                        1:739

Dazzlers - Blue (DZ-51 - DZ-100)                                                                                                     1:24

Dazzlers - Red (Gravity Feed & Retail Box Exclusive!)                1:12

Honor Roll                                                                                                                                         1:12

UD Portraits Rookies (P-41 - P-70)                                                                                                   1:14

UD Portraits SP Rookies (P-71 - P-80)                         1:120

Non-Rookie-Specific Insert Cards

Card                                     #’ing/Ratio

Day With The Cup                            1:2500

Greetings From (New!)                             1:15

Greetings From - Gold Parallel (New!)                                                                                              1:300

Highlighters - Purple (Retail Exclusive!)                                                                                          1:144

Instant Impressions (New!)                         1:24

Lunch Box Legends (New!)                         1:16

Lunch Box Legends - Gold Parallel (New!)                     1:320

Rookie Materials Retro (Retail Exclusive!)                     1:144

Rookie Materials Retro - Patch Parallel (Retail Exclusive!)                 #’d to 15

UD Canvas® (C121 - C210)                         1:8

UD Canvas High Series Retired (C241 - C255)                     1:192

UD Canvas Program of Excellence (C256 - C270)                     1:192

World Juniors Grads (New!)                         1:20

World Juniors Grads - Gold Parallel (New!)                    1:384

Regular Base Set Cards

Card                                     #’ing/Ratio

Base Set (251-450)                            N/A

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